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Anything and everything, I'm sat in a truck for 12 hours a day so i'm always tuning the radio into different station trying to hear some classics and something new too. I've got nearly 3000 songs on my Ipod so i've loads of choice.

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    Hi Mickey,
    Good that you're updating the forks too, they will go really well with an aftermarket shock. I can keep my mate on his 2006 Blade in sight now, before he used to leave me behind fairly easily.

    Meant to say that you can make the Nitron shock longer / shorter as it has a threaded section at the bottom. Not quite as good as changing the dog-bones to jack-up the rear end but it helps a bit.

    If money is tight, you might get away with the cheapest version of the Nitron, which is only slightly more than half the price of my shock. But if you ride hard and want separate compression / rebound adjustability then go for the more expensive versions of their shocks.


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    Hello Mickey,
    I see like most FZS1000 owners you're unhappy with the standard suspension, but unlike most you're prepared to do something about it!

    Originally I added Hyperpro springs to the standard suspension units front & back but felt they were not enough of an improvement. The Ohlins prices have indeed become ridiculous so I looked extensively into other suspension options. Hagon shocks are rated by many 600 owners but I've had a couple of their shocks in the past & I was disappointed in them. Few owners in the UK seem to have Penske, Wilbers or WP shocks, although I'm sure they're all pretty good so not a huge amount of information about them. Nitron stood out because they offered multiple shock options & when I emailed them for advice they weren't 'pushy salesmen'. In the end I went for the 'race' shock with high & low speed compression, although on hindsight it might have been overkill. The basic emulsion shock (cheapest option) is highly rated (PM 'tommyteeman' on the main Fazer website as he has that particular model & its much cheaper) but I guess I just like to twiddle!

    If you do order one, they will set it up for your weight & riding style, so no point ordering the preload adjuster component unless you vary your setup a lot, i.e. do trackdays, regularly take pillions and go touring fully loaded up. From memory it'll take about a fortnight for them to assemble & post out the shock.

    Regarding my own experience with the Nitron, although the setup from factory worked quite well, I continued to tweak mine because I changed to an R1 front-end which is shorter & therefore changes the front-rear weight distribution. And although you may think you're keeping your front-end standard, an excellent rear shock will soon expose the inadequacies of the front forks. So you may have to get the cheque book out yet again!


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    Reply from fireblake:

    Thanks for the quick reply, i've already got some R1 forks waiting to be fitted which i bought off Falcon (Mike, font of all knowledge) In the past i've owned a few FireBlade which i've treated to suspension mods, Ohlins and K-Tech. The Fazer was plain awful after that but the potential was plain to see. It's used mainly for commuting but i also like to get it on its side at every opportunity and i just never felt confident in what was happening beneath me. Some mates called me a pussy but i like things to feel right when being 18 again, if you know what i mean? I have to watch the penny's so don't want to waste money but i also want the right shock and not wished i'd gone for the next model up. I seldom take a pillion and haven't done a track day in 7 years but maybe will do again, i have about £600 to spend but have some other bits and bobs to buy. Hearing what other people have bought is what i need to know so thanks for your reply and i'll let you know how i get on. Thanks again.


Interesting facts about me

Hiya, i'm 46 and a truck driver. I live between Portsmouth and Southampton and am happily married with 2 sons. I'm a recent convert to the Fazer 1000 after nearly 15 years of FireBlades. Earlier bikes were a Honda XL 250, Suzuki X7, loads of 350 LC's. Suzuki GS1000s. And several Honda VT 500's, a brilliant little bike for courier work in London. Looking forward to making new friends and getting out and about  too.